Natural recipes for facial care

Most women seek to maintain the beauty of their shape, which makes them attractive to people. The beautiful face is the first thing that attracts women, especially if they have skin free of pimples, grain and wrinkles, and it must be filled especially in the area of ​​cheeks.

Therefore, some resort to the natural ways to get a wonderful face and natural ways to fatten the face naturally Blush gently: The tablet blushes fingers in a light and nice to most of the places of the face to help to inflate them in a simple way.

Maintain facial moisturizing on a daily basis, and vitamin C-rich moisturizers should be put into bed before bedtime.

– The mixture of sugar and shea butter: This catcher is suitable for the face and the face of the skin, and this is by mixing a little sugar with the weakness of Shea butter and put in the refrigerator until it becomes coherent, and then placed on the face, especially the area of ​​cheeks for five minutes, and then rubbed gently.

Natural aloe vera extract: Many benefits to enhance the skin’s vitality and puff in an acceptable way. Aloe vera can be used on the face and cheeks for about half an hour, then rub gently.

Acne is a problem that leaves negative psychological effects on the person who suffers. After treatment, acne is a new problem, which is the problem of scars and pits. Most treatments leave negative effects. On the epidermis, in the form of an unwanted Digondope.

And to treat acne and the effects of removing them from drilling and scars in several ways

– Coconut oil is a natural oil that treats and protects skin problems and helps to heal scars and dig the skin, because it contains vitamins, and fatty substances is very important for the health of the skin, by massage the affected skin, using the fingertips.

Sodium Bicarbonate To treat facial scars, you should dissolve a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate with a little water so that it becomes a cohesive paste, rub it, leave it for five minutes, then wash face and face with olive oil or coconut oil.

– Lemon juice contains the elements that help to rebuild collagen in the skin. It is possible to use lemon juice by using cotton on the traces of grain, leave it for ten minutes, then wash it with water.

-Natural honey so the use of the treatment of the effects of grain is a good idea, and for the results of the use of honey is put a small amount of honey on the effects of grain and leave for half an hour and then washed with lukewarm water.

Potato juice contains several elements that help to treat the effects of grains, including starch, which helps to lighten the skin. It is possible to use potatoes by placing the juice on the affected areas of the skin and leave it for an hour.

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