6 Benefits of olive oil for face before sleep


olive oil

Olive oil has been used in skin care since ancient times; it was common in Egypt among girls; it was considered cosmetic, and it was used by Cleopatra, which is favored, and today the awareness of olive oil and its benefits, And became a beauty experts claim to use because of the abundance of benefits, in addition to the introduction of the manufacture of a lot of cosmetics. In this article will be mentioned the most important benefits of olive oil for the face and especially before sleep.

The nutritional value of olive oil

Virgin olive oil contains many nutrients that are good for health. It contains antioxidant and inflammatory substances, as well as many plant nutrients and hydroxy acids, and contains three-quarters of fat in the form of omega-9 and oleic acid.

Benefits of olive oil

There are many benefits of olive oil, which belong to the body in general and the skin in particular, and most notably:
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