7 home methods make your teeth white quickly


White teeth

This is due to the external effects on which the teeth are exposed on a daily basis of food, smoke, cold and hot drinks rich in caffeine, Which will all weaken the external tooth structure, change of color.

Natural methods of teeth whitening

There are many treatment methods to get rid of the yolk teeth and get them bright white, including laser teeth whitening, and operations of the outer layer of teeth, and later appeared to weaken the formation of teeth and make them more sensitive than before, and the solution to health of teeth whitening is to resort to roads Natural Tooth Whitening.

lemon juice

Exclude sensitive teeth from this method, squeeze a large lemon and drain from the pulp and seeds, dissolve a wedge of sodium bicarbonate with lemon juice until completely disappear, immerse the toothbrush with lemon juice, rub the teeth gently so as not to hurt gums, and can keep the mixture in a small container tightly Closure for use when needed.

Olive oil

Immerse the toothbrush with enough olive oil, gently rub the teeth with rubbing, and rub the area of ​​the gums as well. Olive oil not only helps to whiten the teeth, but it also helps to get healthy and strong gums and prevents bleeding.

Mashed strawberries

Squeeze a ripe strawberry bean, add a pinch of sodium bicarbonate, mix well with strawberry mashed until it becomes a paste, dip the toothbrush into the paste until you pick up a large amount of it, rub the teeth with strawberry paste well, then wash the tooth and rub it again with toothpaste. And you use this method once a week until the desired result appears.
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