7 home methods make your teeth white quickly


Banana peel

Banana peel has been shown to be effective in teeth whitening, by rubbing the inner pulp of banana peel vigorously and quickly, and repeated this method two to three times a week.

Orange peel powder

Keep the orange peel after cleaning it under the warm sun to dry completely, then grind the dry peel until it turns into a fine powder. After moisturizing the toothbrush with water, dunk the orange peel powder and rub the teeth thoroughly with the powder.

Clove oil

Paint the clove oil by fingertip on teeth and gums, rub well, leave for 5 minutes on the teeth and gums and then wash thoroughly.

Orange oil

Orange oil contains acidic substances that help to whiten the teeth, in addition to it possesses anti-fungal properties, which promote the health of dental gums, and the way is:

  • Ingredients:

– 2-3 drops of orange oil.

-A small amount of toothpaste

  • How to prepare:

-Place the orange oil on the toothbrush, and then put on toothpaste.

-Brush teeth as usual.

-Repeat this recipe once every morning, for about a week.

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