A simple way to fattening cheeks


Fat cheeks

In contrast to the sloping cheeks that give the cheeks a closer look to ageing, which is often considered to be a sign of loss of health, and because the fat cheeks are one of the cries of the present age, some resort to it through various cosmetic surgeries; Such as: transferring fat, or injecting skin fillers, with a number of natural methods that many people believe are safer and more effective than others, and this will be more recognized in this article.

Natural ways to fry the cheeks

There are a number of natural ways that require some physical activity that helps to fatten the cheeks, and from these methods what comes:

Yoga Exercises

It is possible to practice yoga exercises for the face through the exercise of the outer layer of the skin which covers the muscles of the face, where practiced by some half an hour a day for eight weeks, including exercises for face Yoga What comes:

  • Lift the cheek muscles through the smile, put the fingers of each hand on both sides of the mouth, and lift the cheeks with the fingers for twenty seconds.
  • Close the mouth, fill the cheeks with an amount of air (O) for forty-five seconds, and then slowly blow the air out of the mouth.
  • Open the mouth with the lips (O), with the fingers of each hand on the top of the cheek filled with air, and raise it up for thirty seconds.

Inflatable balloons

Inflatable balloons help to build facial muscles and can be applied through the following steps:

  • Place the baloon in the mouth and blown it.
  • Leave the cheeks blazed for a minute before leaving the air. Repeat the method 5-6 times.
  • Repeat the method 5-6 times
  • Perform the exercise by applying the balloon-blowing mode without balloons.