Benefits of egg peel for skin


egg peel

Egg whites contain 10% of minerals, proteins, vitamins and 90% water to protect egg yolks. Egg feed the fetus as it develops within the egg. White is used in many treatments such as treating pimples, drying the skin, absorbing excess oils Which secrete the sebaceous glands, and thus helps to accelerate the healing of the affected area, where egg white contains an enzyme that destroys the walls of bacterial cells, and removes the infection of bacteria, such as bacteria in acne, and are treated with masks suitable for the skin,The eggshell contains three layers. The first layer is a solid material that is almost entirely composed of calcium carbonate crystals. These crystals form the bending, which gives shape to the eggshell. Although the eggshell is solid, its crust is semi-permeable, allowing air and humidity to pass through The small pores that cover its surface, and this cover contains a good external coating called flowering or icy, helps prevent dust, bacteria from passing through the pores, And destroy the rest of the egg. The remaining two layers of eggshells are internal and external membranes. These soft and transparent membranes are made up of proteins and are strong and flexible when they work together. The internal and external membranes defend the egg yolk against the bacteria.

Benefits of egg peel for skin

When egg shells are well cleaned and prepared properly, the eggshells become edible; due to the amount of calcium found in the eggshell, there are many benefits to eggshells, including:

Contains calcium :One egg peel contains twice the amount of calcium recommended per day for adults, so it is one of the best foods rich in calcium. Calcium is known as the essential mineral for the growth and development of new bones. It helps to strengthen muscle function, control magnesium, phosphorus and potassium levels in the blood. For calcium in the medium diet, eggshells are a low-cost, easily available source of calcium, and the calcium found in eggshells is more useful than the amounts found in calcium supplements themselves.

Strengthens bones: Calcium available in eggshells can help treat osteoporosis by containing egg shells on calcium, strontium, and fluorine. These ingredients affect bone metabolism, stimulate cartilage growth, and can reduce egg peel powder from osteoporosis-related pain.

Has anti-inflammatory effects :Egg husk ingredients contain medical treatments through the use of the eggshell membrane as an alternative treatment for common connective tissue disorders such as arthritis, gout and back pain. These are usually treated using analgesics, or anti-inflammatory drugs, but their effectiveness is limited and can cause cardiac risks, and gastrointestinal diseases.

Egg peel recipes for skin

Add eggshells to the routine of beauty; to get the skin is beautiful and healthy, so there are many natural recipes that are used egg peel, including:

  • Treatment of infection:Egg peel treat skin irritation and heal wounds. The way is :

the ingredients:

-Some of the eggpeel.

-A cup of apple cider vinegar.

How to prepare : 

-Crush the egg peel well, and add the powder to vinegar; to get the mixture.

– Leave mixture a few hours.

-Apply the mixture to the wounds, or irritated skin areas.

-This recipe improves the healing of the area within a few minutes.

  • Cleansing the skin :Egg peel helps eliminate stains and marks on the skin. The way is :