Facial makeup


Makeup is not a mask covering the face, but it is a form of art and self-expression, and the application of make-up can be fun, because of the absolute freedom of creativity and experimenting different preferred ways, and make-up part of the personality of women, each unit of their own style and preferences. The article will tell you how to apply face makeup in detail and how to prepare the face before putting it.

Preparing the face before makeup

When most people think about make up, they think of putting on base creams, eyelashes, eye shadows, mascara, and lipstick. But what many do not think about is the steps you need to take to make your skin look up. The best look was the best make-up as well. Here’s how to make face makeup:

  • Choose a suitable skin cleanser: Clean your skin to get a clean, pure skin by washing it with a gentle cleanser suitable for skin type as follows:

-Use a creamy natural cleanser for dry skin to help hydrate.

-Use a foaming or gelatinous cleanser to remove dirt and oils on the skin without causing irritation.

-Use a special skin cleanser, for a face that has some parts of it fatty and other natural or dry.

-Use a detergent containing vegetable oils for sensitive skin.

  • Cleaning the skin: Here are some tips to follow to clean the skin:

-Moisturize your skin with lukewarm water by spraying some water with your hands on it.

-Massage the skin the size of a small coin from the cleanser for 45 seconds gently and with circular movements.

-Rinse the skin well, making sure no foaming stays on the skin.

-Dry the skin with a clean towel not to rub with rubbing because rubbing the skin may causes irritation, redness and skin exfoliation.

-Use warm water to wash the skin, because it helps to open pores and get rid of dirt and bacteria on the skin while avoiding hot water that may cause dry skin.