Facial makeup

  • Using Toner zero-Alcohol: Many people ignore the use of Toner, but it is important because it removes dead skin cells, make-up or bacteria that are not cleaned by the detergent. This is done by putting an zero-alcohol toner — do not dry the skin — on a piece of cotton, and gently put it on the skin with not rubbing the skin. The presence of a residual cream on cotton will be noted as evidence of insufficient detergent.
  • Peeling skin: Peeling skinned once or twice a week to get rid of the accumulated material. Either by using a towel or a cloth, and by using circular cloths, and then washed after finishing, either by using peeling products sold in stores or by home peeled industry using sugar and olive oil.

Apply face makeup

Here are the steps to apply facial makeup:

  • Pre-make-up steps: To start facial makeup, follow these steps:

– Apply a suitable light moisturizer and ensure that daytime moisturizers contain at least SPF 15 protection to protect the skin from sunlight. This is done by gently pressing the skin after placing the moisturizer gently, and should not massage the moisturizer on the skin, but gently squeeze it, and then wait 5 minutes before putting makeup.

-Use a serum to moisturize the skin, it is recommended to use serums containing antioxidants such as vitamin C, anti-inflammatory drugs such as zinc, amino acids, and apply the serum before moisturizer.

-Spray the rose water on the skin, this step is optional, but make the skin glowing, and must wait to dry the rose water from the skin.