How to make red henna


Hair dye in red

The color of the red hair carries with it a new look and different from what is usual, and there are degrees worthy of the brunettes and blondes as well, and to keep away from harsh chemical pigments can be obtained by using this color Henna useful hair, and this article will remember how red henna work.

Henna hair

Henna pigment hair by dyeing the outer part of the hair without penetrating the hair’s crust; a layer containing moisture and proteins, so Henna is better than chemical dyes, does not penetrate the layers of hair and maintain the natural texture and moisture, and flexibility, and adds to the gloss, but the color of hair The result of the use of henna depends on the color of the basic hair, as it can give degrees of red, brown, and black, and can add some ingredients for henna to get red color, such as: Blending Henna with Induce, but makes the level of henna in the mix is higher than Indigo even Loo does not produce N brown.

hair color

Basic hair color should be considered before applying henna and getting the desired color, as follows:

  • Light blond, gray, or white hair will appear in vibrant red.
  • Medium blond hair, or light brown, will appear in rich chestnut color.
  • Red hair, it will not appear too much change and can cover gray in it.
  • The color of dark hair, such as brown or black, will not show any real change unless the beet is added to henna.