How to make red henna


How red henna works to dye hair

Here comes the method of red henna to dye hair, in addition to it gives hair gloss, moisturizing, and the way are:

  • Ingredients:

– 100 grams of henna for long hair, 200 grams for hair that is shoulder-length, 300 for long hair, 500 grams for very long hair.

-Warm water, lemon juice, oranges, grapefruit, or vinegar.



  • How to prepare:

-Mix the henna well with one of the liquids mentioned earlier in the bowl, to get a thick paste, similar to the mud, so that it is smooth and free of clusters such as yogurt.

-The henna paste is wrapped in a tightly sealed plastic wrap and left in a dark place at room temperature for 12 hours, taking into account that the longer henna leaves the longer the color is.

-Henna is examined. It can become denser after leaving all that time, so it is possible to add a little water or one of the previous fluids.

-You should pay attention to the position of Vaseline on the hairline, wear good clothes from staining, and wear gloves, to protect the skin and clothing from the henna dye, because it does not go away easily, and also pay attention to where the hair is dyed.

-Henna is applied using fingers on split hair for small sections.

-The hair is covered with a shower cap or a plastic wrap after being covered with henna.

-Leave henna on hair for 6 hours; for deep red color, as well as for dark hair, can be left for 3-4 hours to get rich red color.

-Leave the hair to dry in the natural air without using a hairdryer.

-The true color of the henna dye appears on the hair within three days until the henna is oxidized.