How to make rose water at home


Rose water

It is a liquid made from rose petals and distilled water, originating in Iran and the Middle East; it has been popularly used for thousands of years for its many potential benefits, as evidenced by some evidence that it has been used to treat some diseases in South America, In cooking, as a fragrance, so to have a beautiful smell .

How to make rose water

Rose water is made of natural ingredients, and it has many uses; as it enters the manufacture of some cosmetics, for the health benefits of the skin, fragrant fragrance, and the following points explain how to make at home:

  • Pick fresh petals during early morning hours, after sunrise.
  • Wash the petals well using clean water.
  • Place the washed petals in a large cooking pot, and add a quantity of distilled water to the container to immerse the petals.
  • Cover the bowl and place on low heat until boiling begins.
  • Leave the water to evaporate, until it turns pink.
  • Filter water from rose petals, wait until it cools, then store it in a pot.

Benefits of rose water

Rose water provides many health benefits to humans, and mention of these benefits: