How to remove facial hair


Facial hair

Facial hair is an embarrassing problem for many women. Women with dark hair and dark skins have more facial hair than women with blond hair, light skin, and usually facial hair on the fluff, but it becomes an increasingly embarrassing problem, especially when Estrogen levels as a woman ages due to menopause, hormonal problems, ovarian problems, or some medications.

How to remove facial hair

The use of the floss method to remove facial hair is painful and the facial skin has red spots, swelling and pain, so the solution is to follow natural methods that will not harm the skin in the absence of sensitivity of the ingredients, but it reduces the appearance of hair over time, taking longer to appear The results, and here are some natural ways to remove facial hair.

Sugar and lemon juice

This method is very effective, as sugar sticks to the hair and removes it, not the skin, and it is not as high as the wax, so it does not cause skin irritation, lemon juice opens the skin, whitens the hair as well, and the way is:

  • Ingredients:

-2 tablespoons sugar.

-2 tsp fresh lemon juice

-8-9 teaspoon of water, or enough to make a paste with granules.

  • How to prepare:

-Mix the sugar, lemon juice and water, as the sugar particles act as a peeling agent.

-Heat the mixture, then let cool a little.

-The mixture is applied to areas where hair removal is desired and applied in the direction of hair growth.

-Leave the mixture to dry, keeping it for 20 minutes.

-Then wash with cold water with rubbing with a circular motion.

-This method is repeated three times a week to obtain results within a few weeks.