How to stretch nails



It is necessary to notice that sturdy and glossy nails area unit a proof of beauty, and it ought to be taken into consideration that the integrated food is needed to keep up the health of the nails and strength and wonder, and it ought to be noted that the nails area unit typically dead tissue, and this explains why we tend to feel pain once cutting our nails. That nails area unit the last elements that get food within the figure, and if someone suffers from a scarcity of nutrition, the nails can want special attention, otherwise, it’ll become fragile and break quickly, consumption healthy, integrated food is one amongst the foremost necessary factors in nail strength. during this article, we are going to quote foods that require to be taken to induce sturdy nails, and that we can quote some natural mixtures that area unit accustomed grow nails.

Foods for the strengthening of nails

The adherence to a healthy diet is beneficial to the human body in general, and there are some types of food that are useful for the health and strength of nails, and mention of these foods:

  • Beans of all kinds, which are rich sources of biotin, a type of B vitamins, which is important for the health of the nails in general, as it prevents breakage, it is worth mentioning that the lack of biotin may cause dehydration in the nails, and slows down They also grow. In addition, biotin deficiency can turn nail color into black.
  • Pumpkin seeds, because they contain zinc, which plays an important role in building and strengthening the immune system, in addition to the formation of connective tissue, zinc regulates the ability of the body to make the necessary protein to build nails, and lack may cause the appearance of some white spots on the nails.
  • Broccoli, which contains the iron necessary for the health of nails, it raises the amount of white blood cells, and the level of oxygen, especially in fragile nails and companion.
  • Eggs, which contains large quantity of protein, so it strengthens the nails that are made up of keratin protein, so they need protein to enhance their health.
  • Carrots contain vitamin A necessary to give the stiffness and life of the nails; so as not to look dry appearance, improves the shape of nails.
  • Tomatoes, which contain biotin, lycopene, vitamin C and vitamin A, which helps to grow nails, maintain their health and natural brightness.
  • Banana, which contains potassium, silica, zinc, vitamin B6, which helps improve the shape of the nails, and enhance their health.
  • Water, eating enough water to protect the body from dehydration, as well as for nails, and the human to eat from 8-10 glasses of water per day.
  • Sweet potatoes, which contain beta-carotene compounds, which the body can convert to vitamin A, which is essential for the growth of the amber, as the lack can cause dryness and fragility in the nails.

Natural recipes for stretching nails

There are many natural ways to get strong, long and beautiful nails, including:

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a good nutrient for fragile and weak nails, where saturated fat in the coconut oil acts as a moisturizer, and to show how it is used, the following are followed:

  • Ingredients

-One quarter cup of warm coconut oil.

-A little lemon juice.

  • Method of preparation and use:

-Mix ingredients with each other well.

-Soak the nails in the solution for 10 minutes before sleeping.

-Wear gloves during the night to get satisfactory results.

-Repeat this process for several weeks until nails become healthy and strong.