Method for thickening eyelashes


The density of eyelashes secret secrets of the eyes and face, and most women use cosmetics to get eyelashes more intense but over time cause the weakening, but with the use of natural recipes to increase the intensity will be healthy and more intense lashes, and in this article will give you some natural recipes Which are used to increase the intensity of eyelashes.

The recipe for almond oil serum

In a bowl, mix two large tablespoons of almond oil, two large amounts of aloe Vera cream, then pour the recipe into a small box. Place the recipe on the lashes every day early in the morning with a clean mascara brush. At night, put the mixture again.

Castor oil recipe

Wash the ear-cleaning stick in the castor oil, wipe the roots of the eyelashes with it, keep the eyes closed, roll the oud along the eyelashes, repeat the recipe daily before bedtime, and the next morning washes the eyes well and repeat the recipe for at least thirty days.

Olive oil recipe

Put a few drops of olive oil on sterile medical cotton, and wipe the eyelashes, and leave on the eyelashes for five minutes, and then wash the eyes with water well, and repeat the recipe on a daily basis.

Recipe sweet almond oil and yogurt

Put the sweet almond oil on your eyelashes, then dip a piece of clean cotton with yogurt, and pass it on your lashes immediately before sleeping, and repeat the recipe daily. Yogurt will intensify the lashes from the roots and moisten them.