Method for thickening eyelashes

Other recipes for thickening eyelashes

-Massage: Eyelid massage on a daily basis for ten minutes, where we move the fingers in a circular and slowly on the eyelid in order to stimulate blood circulation and stimulate the hair follicles to grow again.

-Combining: Comb the eyelashes daily with a small, clean mascara brush to clean and thicken.

-Vaseline: By scanning the roots of the eyelashes with Vaseline daily before sleeping directly, and leave until the next morning, and repeat the recipe for six weeks.

Drink water in adequate amounts it means drink at least eight glasses of water.

Eat plenty of foods that contain vitamin D and vitamin E, because these vitamins strengthen hair and stimulate growth again and faster.

Do not use the lash handle, or mascara permanently to give the eyelashes an opportunity to regain its intensity again.

Tips for eyelashes care

  • Handle the eyelashes gently and do not rub the eyes strongly, because the roots of hair follicles are weak.
  • Do not attract eyelids strongly.
  • Remove the effects of mascara before sleeping, it works to dry the eyelashes.
  • Stop using mascara if it causes eye allergies.
  • Use moisturizers for eyelashes.