Method of facial filtering


facial filtering

All the ladies want a clean face, but some resort to cover the skin defects makeup, which increases the problems of the skin, so the article will mention effective ways to filter the face so that the lady beautiful skin, in addition to reducing the use of make-up and skin care products.

Methods of face filtering

Drinking water

Lack of drinking water affects the body dry, and thus dry the outer layer of the skin, which reflects negatively on the beauty and health of the skin. Drinking 8 cups of water a day will protect the skin from problems and make it pure.

Healthy food

There is a close relationship between food and skin appearance. Whenever food is unhealthy and contains processed foods and sugars, wrinkles, acne, and oily skin appear. Eating healthy foods containing vegetables, fruits, fish oil (omega-3), olive oil and whole grains can help filter Face and maintain skin health.

Psychological factor

Tension therapy is very important when you want to clear the skin. The body secretes the hormone cortisol when exposed to stress, leading to disorders of autoimmune, and the emergence of acne, eczema, and rosacea.

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