Top 6 home mixes to strengthen nails


Weak nails

Nails become weak as a result of neglect, not taking good care of them, and symptoms of weak nails are ease of breakage, dryness, brittleness, slow growth, in addition to yellowing, and discoloration.

In this article, we offer some natural mixes for strengthening nails

Olive oil and lemon juice

Olive oil has nourishing properties that moisturize, repair, and soften it and the surrounding skin, and warm olive oil can be massaged on the nails and surrounding skin, and leave it for 15 minutes before washing it with water, and repeat it 2-3 times a day, or make a mixture Of olive oil and lemon juice, and the way is:

  • Ingredients:

-3 teaspoons of warm olive oil.

-A teaspoon of lemon juice.

  • How to prepare:

-Mix the two ingredients, and apply the mixture to the nails using a piece of cotton.

-Allow it to dry, then soft cotton gloves are worn. Leave for a whole night.

-Rinse with warm water the next morning.

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