Cinnamon damage


Cinnamon is the second most important spice used after black pepper, which is produced by drying the inner wood of the cinnamon tree. The cinnamon tree is evergreen and grows in Australia and Asian regions. Cinnamon is one of the most important spices in the kitchen. It is used to add a sweet flavor to the drinks and is used in the manufacture of some sweets. In addition, it is used in the prevention and treatment of many diseases,This is because cinnamon contains antioxidants and other active substances, which work strongly against bacteria and harmful objects. Cinnamon oil is also used in the manufacture of a large number of cosmetics, perfumes and soaps.

Cautions for use cinnamon

Cinnamon cavities and damages are a few and very limited, they do not occur only when the person does not adhere to the specific and moderate doses or when excessive intake of a long period of time, and can damage the excessive consumption of cinnamon, as several studies have shown the following.

  • Cinnamon may cause irritation to the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Excessive cinnamon may lead to kidney disorders and impaired function,The concentration of certain compounds and acids in the body, including urea and uric acid, may also increase, although some research has shown cinnamon benefits for kidney and liver health when consumed moderately.
  • Cinnamon works of lower blood pressure levels, so people with low blood pressure should not take them too much to avoid fatigue.
  • Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels, so people with low blood sugar should not exceed normal cinnamon intake to avoid a sharp drop in blood sugar levels.
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