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Disorder and change taste on the tongue and herbal treatment

The tongue is the only organ in the body that can distinguish the taste of the things we eat from bitter, sour, sour, sweet, greasy and salty. This is done through the sensory blocks of the receptor in the form of a barrel located on the surface of the tongue on the top layer of it In particular the taste areas are divided into Boxes that express each box have a special way of sensing the bait and thus transfer it to the brain, and three nerves transfer these signals Including the seventh nerve, the ninth and the most common nerve and the latter is the most important because it conveys bitter taste to the brain.

Causes of taste disorder :Despite studies and science, only two-thirds of cases with taste problems can not know the real cause of the loss or change of oral taste and known causes of brain injury – brain stroke or an accident on the brain –

Some diseases that affect taste palms or injury to the nerves of the taste of taste for different reasons.

There are temporary causes, such as the treatment of certain types of drugs for cancer, chronic diseases, antibiotics or flu and flu.

Taste may also change in smokers or overweight people, and also in some mental referrals.

The most difficult cases we find when there is loss of sense of smell accompanied by loss of taste.

Loss of sense of taste : There are psychological and other dangers.

Where many of the patients play a loss of taste for eating ,Which leads to weight loss, as they often suffer some mental mood disorders which sometimes amount to depression or even suicide.

Herbal remedy 

  • Using castor oil, by heating it a little, then put drops in the nose morning and evening daily, It has the ability to restore the sense of smell and taste.
  • Treatment of loss of sense of smell and taste of herbs, such as cinnamon, because it contains a flavor that stimulates the secretion of saliva and stimulates taste.
  • Mix honey and soft cinnamon and rub it with tongue for several minutes, then wash the mouth with water, repeating this method several days.
  • Make ammo from a natural oil such as olive oil or coconut oil in hot water,Then inhaling the rising steam for a period of time, repeating this method several times.
  • Heat the mashed garlic in a glass of water and drink the water after it has been filtered out of garlic, and repeat this method for several days.
  • Place lemon juice and honey in warm water, drink two cups a day.
  • Eat chili in food, so that salivary glands can enhance the taste function, Or add peppers to honey and eat it more than once a day, This helps to strengthen the sense of smell, this is one of the best and most powerful ways to treat loss of sense of smell and taste of herbs.
  • Eat ginger after slicing into small pieces daily, or place the ground ginger with salt and eat it before the meal about half an hour.

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