Follow these steps and will remove all toxins from your body

Eat meals full of fiber

A large number of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain meals such as whole rice should be taken, because dietary fiber will rid the body of toxins, and a combination of soluble fiber such as oats and beans is recommended, and soluble fiber such as fresh carrots and kale are eaten.

Rub the skin

Rub the skin with brushing at least once a day, so you should buy a brush with a handle so that the person can get rid of the back well, preferably rubbing the body in a circular way, rubbing the face, ears, neck, and palm of the feet.

Natural drinks for detoxification


Of the best methods used to get rid of all types of toxins accumulated within the human body, so doctors are advised to eat between six to eight liters of water a day.

Warm water with lemon

Drinking a glass of warm water with a slice of fresh lemon is an important way to cleanse the body of toxins every morning. Because the body at night breaks food ties and digests food, and by eating lemon juice, the body gets rid of unwanted substances and toxins.