[LOOK] this is how to Manage Psoriatic Arthritis Soreness

According to centers for disease controland theand Prevention, over 43 percent of adults living with arthritis have activity limitations. If soreness from your psoriatic arthritis is preventing you from living well, read ahead for suggestions to help reduce your soreness and feel your best.

Recognize the symptoms

Anywhere from  5 to 40 percent of people with psoriasis develop psoriatic arthritis. This form of arthritis can cause swelling and stiffness around the joints. The symptoms of psoriatic arthritis can develop slowly or quickly. You may feel a reduced range of motion and be especially stiff in the morning. With psoriatic arthritis, your discomfort may come and go with periods of remission.

Seek treatment as soon as possible

According to the national psoriasis foundation, delaying treatment as little as six months can result in permanent joint damage. If you have psoriasis and your joints are feeling especially stiff and sore, contacting your doctor as soon as possible may be critical in relieving your discomfort.
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