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Methods of treatment of bad breath

Bad breath is a common problem for people of all ages, with one person in four suffering from bad breath, and people suffer from a bad smell from the mouth feel others are vulnerable to embarrassment ,One of the most important reasons for the bad smell of the mouth: increase the number of bacteria in it due to lack of interest in cleaning, which will produce toxins and analyze the remnants of food, producing gases with bad smell, and other causes of bad breath Eat strong aromatherapy foods such as onions and garlic, as well as smoking and drinking alcohol

Bad breath occurs as a result of not following the instructions and advice on oral and dental hygiene, or as a result of some diseases and health problems in the mouth, and few pieces of food Between the teeth stuck Where the presence of food residue in the mouth and teeth provides a suitable environment for the proliferation and growth of bacteria and the smell of foul mouth, also considers smoking is usually bad and causes bad breath and yellowing teeth, these habits are exacerbated the problem of mouth odor, so must be cleaned daily.

The use of a string of teeth to clean them well, and mouthwash to hide the smell and cleanse the mouth, bad breath is a sign of the incidence of many gum diseases, as these diseases result from negligence in the cleaning and brushing teeth, and the accumulation of lime and plaque on the teeth .

Methods of treatment of bad breath

Halitosis can be eliminated through the following:

  • Cleaning teeth: And to get rid of the many bacteria that live on the remnants of food in the mouth, where you find shelter in the mouth, and also contains many types of tongue, these bacteria cause that smell, and to get rid of them should be brushing teeth after each meal.
  • Care to moisten the throat: By drinking amounts of fluids and water, as the drying of the throat causes the smell of the mouth.
  • Peppermint seeds :They are useful for getting rid of the smell of the mouth, but they do not kill the bacteria.
  • Clean the tongueDue to the growth of bacteria it contributes to the problem of the smell of the mouth, because it contains dead cells and food residue, which is cleaned using a special brush .
  • Washing the mouth with water: They must be entered as a good habit for the person a day, so that it is rinsed with water after eating and drinking, until all the bacteria are eliminated and eliminated .

Other ways to treat bad breath

There are other ways to treat bad breath, including the following:

  • Quit Smoking :Smoking causes too much damage, so smoking is an important factor in the formation and composition of bad breath.
  • Use of physical therapy :By eating a cup of green tea after each meal, because it works as a remedy to get rid of the foul smell of the mouth, which is considered to be resistant to decay .
  • Food Ingredients : As the food is often eaten every day has the effect of forming the smell of the mouth, for example, eating garlic and onions cause smell of the mouth, too much meat eating makes brushing teeth somewhat difficult .
  • doctor consultation :You should go to a dentist in order to detect any problems in the teeth, and to treat the problem of smell of mouth, through the exchange of some drugs .

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