Short hair styles


Short hair

Short hair is attractive especially for most girls, which is very beautiful, but the girls do not know how to describe it or cut it beautifully so they are complicated that every day cut the same story and do not know the other beautiful stories and I am today I will talk to you about the latest and most beautiful stories.

The Explicit hairstyle

The hairline is widely available at present, with the hair smooth and straight on the head, while the story is on the side and takes the form of a V letter. To make some change to this hairdo, the hair can be styled by the dryer to be shaggy with hair styling away from the head, Ie outward.

The short hair style

The Shorty hairdo is one of the most popular forms of Pixie hairstyle today, with short, heavily strung hair on the entire head, and the front felt as if cut into the inside.

The front cover style

During the evenings, women can have a hair styling set forward and then lift it up. This is the most elegant hairdo.

The pop with the sharp forward glee style

The dense and sharp frontal fringe comes on the throne of fashion with the famous pop story in which the hair is uneven in length from the front to the back so that the hair follicles are a little longer than the back. Victoria Beckham was famous for this story.

Graduated hair with the front gull style

The fashion of the gradual hair story continues with us in the year 2019 with the introduction of some modern touches such as cutting the front of the dense or add more tresses scattered on the sides, and the hair is smooth and short of the front and longer than the back and ends at the shoulder at most, The hair gives more vitality, movement,and facial features and helps keep you looking refreshed, and smoother.

The Side Pop hairstyle

The dense front fascia remains an explicit title for youth and vitality. It highlights the magic of the eyes and helps to hide the wrinkles of the forehead, making you look younger than you really are. Most importantly, it captures the eyes and can be performed with all lengths of hair. But with the 2019 fashion you can implement with the story of pop short, which drops on the face and ends the ends of the hair in the chin, where the story of the pop side short list of short stories spread in 2019, and depends on the intensification of the bristles forward and drop on the side of the face while maintaining the length of hair in the chin Or just below it, and this story fits perfectly with the bold woman hungry to show more femininity and gravity.

The uneven hair in length style

The exotic models that have also spread this year short hairstyles in which the edges of the hair are different in length and scattered around the face, and may be regularly or randomly and spontaneously formed, a story that suits the adventurous woman who loves out of the ordinary and experience everything that is new and unfamiliar.

Very short hairstyle

The very short hairstyle also introduces the list of the latest hairstyles for the year 2012, especially those in which the density of the upper follicles is increased with its forward direction to cover the front randomly. It is known that this story is always adopted by the woman who is very confident of herself and the process that likes exclusivity, so it would be the best choice for the girl who counts herself in this category of women.

PS: Finally, our advice to you Madam to adopt the principle of change in your life always and be renewed and stylish and experienced for everything new whether a new or different makeup of these things will make you really feel your femininity and beauty before yourself before others.


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