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Simple Ways to Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Colon function is the absorption of water and some nutrients, in addition to the analysis of some inorganic substances, and many people suffer from digestive problems and disorders, and one of the most common problems is Irritable Bowel and occurs for various reasons and factors related to eating certain foods help to irritate the colon, and psychological disorders such as tension As well as other diseases, specifically intestinal influenza due to a specific type of bacteria.


the signs that indicate the incidence of colon are many, notably the feeling of colic and associated abdominal bloating, and exposure to diarrhea or constipation in addition to the emergence of mucus in the stool of the patient, and loss of appetite significantly.

Herbal remedy:

Herbal therapy Irritable bowel syndrome is usually treated or mitigated by the use of a range of natural herbal remedies

-Mint: Contains a range of volatile oils that help calm the colon by relaxing muscles.

-The coriander: Helps relieve irritable bowel bulges; it contains anti-bulging substances.

-Aniseed: It is one of the most herbs that help soothe nervous problems such as stress and thus relieve the symptoms or complications of the colon.

-Fenugreek: It is one of the best types of laxatives that help the colon to get rid of excess mucus and thus calm it, and thus it reduces constipation in colon patients
Fennel : It relieves the pain caused by irritable bowel syndrome, specifically if it is taken after boiling.

-Ginger: It is known that ginger contains a wide range of active substances that affect the movement of the colon positively and reduce the pain.

-Flax seeds: Flaxseed is composed of a high percentage of dietary fiber and volatile oils that facilitate digestion and protect the colon walls. Scientific research submitted to the German Committee of Experts and approved by the FDA has shown that eating one tablespoon of flaxseed powder on a daily basis facilitates Of bowel movement and addresses the problem of irritable bowel syndrome clearly

-Green tea :Green tea contains a very high content of catechins, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants of natural antioxidants, and therefore resist the causes of cancer of the colon, which is called free cracks help to form tumors of the colon, eating one cup of this tea per day reduces the risk of infection With this disease. Relieves colon irritation. Reduces the problems of irritable bowel syndrome, provided that it is taken in moderate amounts, because it contains caffeine, which increases the severity of the case if taken in large quantities. One of the alternative ways to wash and clean the colon.

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