7 of the most important health benefits of beans


Tips for selecting and storing fresh beans

When buying beans, it is recommended to choose the raw and undamaged beans. It is also worth noting that the small beans are better than the big beans, and you can tell whether the beans are fresh or not, divide the bean horn into two parts, easily divide and produce a fresh, In a plastic bag, place it in the portion of vegetables in the refrigerator. It is recommended to consume it within 3-4 days of storing it. When buying dried beans, it is recommended to choose shiny grains and can be stored for long periods, but it will lose its nutritional value and flavor over time. Dried beans Touch and canned before the completion date of the blogger on the box.


Is a condition caused by a deficiency of the enzyme dehydrogenase (Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase) in the body and leads to hemolysis due to bean consumption or exposure to bean pollen, causing a group of Symptoms, including:

  • Acute pain in the back, abdomen.
  • Paleness due to anemia caused by red blood cell decomposition.
  • Hemoglobinuria, which causes the urinary color to change darker to yellowish yellow.
  • Jaundice:People with a deficiency in the hydrolysis enzyme 6-phosphate glucose are prone to gallstones and splenomegaly, due to hemolysis, and can be treated by avoiding beans, as well as folic acid supplementation and dietary iron, Giving intravenous fluids to the patient to reduce the risk of renal impairment, and in some cases of acute anemia, blood transfusion may be needed.