Did you know the benefits of ginger



Ginger could be a tropical plant, characterized by its purple inexperienced flowers, and its aromatic leg extending underground and is principally utilized in cookery and process. Its common name is ginger, and its Latin name is Canton ginger (gingerbread).

Ginger has been used for a long time in cooking and alternative medicine, because it contains many medical benefits, where the roots of ginger used to facilitate digestion, and treatment of diarrhea.

  • Treatment of vomiting and nausea caused by surgery. Studies have shown that the use of one gram of ginger before an hour of surgery, contributes significantly to the alleviation of nausea, equivalent to 38%.
  • The researchers found that eating 250 grams of ginger 4 times a day for three days during the period of the menstrual cycle is equivalent to the pain relievers of medical pain, such as ibuprofen in the process of reducing the associated alleles.
  • Increase the breadth of the bronchus and relieve some symptoms of allergies.
  • Regulate the level of sugar, as eating a glass of ginger drink a day to regulate and reduce the level of sugar in the blood, and also helps to increase the effectiveness of drugs used in the treatment of this disease.
  • Treatment of sleep disorder, wherever drinking a glass of heat milk, extra ground ginger helps to cut back the development, sleep often.

Side effects of ginger

Ginger generates intestinal gas, bloating, and nausea. When using ginger as a complementary or alternative treatment, consult a physician and give him a full idea of ​​the dosage and method of use followed by the patient.