Home recipes to remove bad breath


Bad breath

A mouth odor is not a medical emergency, but it is fairly common because about 25-30% of the world’s population suffers from this problem. Bad Breath is usually due to bad breath To dental cavities, gum disease, and poor oral hygiene. Other signs and symptoms that can accompany bad breath include unpleasant taste or acidity, changes in taste, dry mouth, and the appearance of a white layer on the tongue.

Natural Ways to Treat Bad Breath

It should be noted that it is possible to get rid of bad breath by using some natural remedies available at home and to change the lifestyle, and the natural ways that can help to get rid of bad breath, include the following:

  • Cinnamon sticks: Cinnamon is known to possess antimicrobial properties. Some studies have indicated the effectiveness of cinnamon against bacteria that cause inflammation of the mouth. Although more research is needed, cinnamon is believed to have Benefited of the digestive system and respiratory system, chewing cinnamon sticks also provides the mouth with fibers that support the microbial diversity inside the mouth.
  • Drinking green tea: Recent research has found that green tea temporarily reduces the smell of the mouth, because of the green tea anti-bacterial, and deodorizing, and the use of green tea to get rid of the smell of the mouth, by drinking 3-5 cups Of green tea daily, or by taking supplements of polyphenols,The effect of green tea in reducing the smell of the mouth is due to the presence of polyphenols (polyphenols), an antioxidant, and thus can prevent or slow the damage of cells caused by free radicals, unstable particles produced by the body as a result of chemical reactions inside it, Or as a result of an external stimuli, such as pollution and smoking.
  • Aloe vera: has antifungal and bacteriological properties, extracted from a natural plant. Research has shown that cactus is as effective as chlorhexidine in reducing the layer of plaque that builds up on The cactus supports the formation of collagen, which increases the ability of the mouth to heal. Cactus can be used as a mouthwash to combat bad breath, where it can be used as a mouthwash. It can be prepared A simple way, which is to boil some water, and then add aloe gel when it cools, you can also add peppermint oil to taste.
  • Aromatic mint oil: In order to eliminate bad breath, it is recommended to try gurgling with mint oil, because it is a strong antimicrobial. Peppermint oil kills harmful bacteria and leaves the breath refreshing. The method is to be used by mixing 1-2 drops of peppermint oil with water And then rinse the mixture in the mouth for 30 seconds.
  • Aromatic lemon oil: Because lemon is characterized by possessing anti-microbial properties, which prevents the growth of some types of bacteria, both internally and externally, and it is also known to the effectiveness of lemon against bacterial infections in the colon, and the method of using lemon oil by preparing a preparation for internal use Or outer, also note that chewing lemon peel may also be effective.
  • chewing gum (zero sugar): Because the bacteria that multiply in the mouth like sugar, they use it for the purpose of making acids, which weaken the teeth and cause the appearance of bad breath, and for this it is recommended chewing gum without sugar, Stimulating saliva, it should be noted that saliva is the natural defense mechanism followed by the mouth against the formation of acids, which cause tooth decay and bad breath.As many factors and reasons that can lead to the presence of the foul odor of the mouth, we mention the following reasons: