Method of drying apricots


Dried apricots

The drying of apricots in the sun preserves its desired color more than artificial drying. If the harvest is in line with the rainy season, the drying will be artificial, and solar drying can be used to reduce dust and dirt pollution. The apricot should be placed by making its base up to dry and dry. 15% of its moisture and there are several reasons for the damage of apricot fruit, such as drying takes a long time, leading to chemical reactions taking place within the fruit, and it is also important to ensure that the use of good quality fruit, and not be very mature, Slices Fruit into thin pieces, so as to speed up the drying process.

Dry the apricot with the sun

Apricots can be dried by following the following steps:

  • Choose the fruits of apricots carefully, choose the high-quality fruit, then wash it to remove any dirt or pesticides stuck, then cut into halves or quarters evenly after removing the seeds from them, as the equal cut contributes to drying all the pieces at the same time.
  • The ascorbic acid solution is placed on fruit, which is two tablespoons of ascorbic acid, equivalent to five grams of crushed vitamin C tablets, and a quarter cup of water.
  • Use the butter paper used in the cake to dry the apricots by placing each piece of paper separately and then covering it with a cloth to prevent bugs and children from tampering with them.
  • Stir the fruit to dry with each other, and take the drying time between two to four days, as it is advisable to enter during the night inside to avoid being affected by dew.
  • The grain becomes dry when wrinkled, but if the beads remain moist leave more time in the sun, and when ready are stored in a plastic bag; to ensure that there is no moisture in them, and avoid placing in the refrigerator.