What benefits of crushed pomegranate peel?


Fighting influenza and malaria

The tannin compounds present in pomegranate act as antiviral and thus can affect respiratory infection and influenza. Multi-phenol compounds extracted from pomegranate peel stop the division of RNA in the avian influenza virus and prevent its reproduction and directly destroy it, as it fights many Of human influenza viruses, including the H1N1 virus, but its impact was weaker in the H5N1 virus isolated from birds.

A recent mixture of pomegranate husks in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine has been used to treat malaria. Recent studies have found evidence of this role using methanolic pomegranate extract. In one study, pomegranate extract found positive effects in the treatment of malaria-induced anemia, Positive in protecting liver cells from damage caused by the disease.

The ability to heal wounds

Pomegranate peel extract can be used externally on dead skin and wounds, and some studies have given the extract of methanol pomegranate peel to treat gastrointestinal ulcers.

Treatment of osteoporosis

Some research suggests a role for pomegranate crusts in bone health and the ability of these shells and their antioxidants to fight osteoporosis due to the role of oxidative stress in this disease. For this purpose, one study found the ability of pomegranate extract to reduce the loss of bone density and loss of minerals, He has been able to stimulate bone building in mice that are stimulating osteoporosis.

Uses of Pomegranate peel

Dried pomegranate peel was used in Chinese medicine for many purposes. It was also used in ancient Egyptian civilizations to treat infections, cough, diarrhea, intestinal worms, infertility, Pomegranate peel is popularly boiled for 10 to 40 minutes to obtain its water extract. It is also used externally for the treatment of bleeding of the gums and teeth, and 5 g- 10 g of crushed pomegranate husks two to three times daily to treat stomach acidity, and Some use it to strengthen the gums and treat mouth ulcers and bladder disorders.


It should be noted that the studies and research discussed above have been used laboratory methods for the production of pomegranate peel extracts and given under the supervision of experts, and therefore should not eat pomegranate peel without consulting an expert and should not be taken large amounts of it.