What is the baby food in the seventh month.

baby food in the seventh month.

At the age of seven months, the child begins to rely more on himself. His motor skills begin to develop. He learns to crawl, roll, or move together. He can also hold the cup, eat with a spoon, stand on his feet with the need for support in preparation for walking. The teeth begin to appear in this age as well, as the child becomes more upset by the pain of teething, and this pain can be mitigated by a cold towel or toy teeth, and for communication skills, the child begins to respond to orders at this age,, And also starts with k Laughter, say certain words repeatedly.

In fact, experts recommend starting with the addition of solid food at the age of six months depending on the child’s readiness and food needs, and should be advised to add one type at a time, and then wait for several days before starting a new type of food, Such as diarrhea, rash, vomiting, and bloating. In fact, the first recommended food is a little iron-fortified cereal mixed with breast milk or formula milk,
And then add vegetables, fruits, and mashed meat gradually, and it should be noted there are a range of foods that must be avoided, such as: foods that cause allergies in other family members, and peanuts, and should avoid giving the baby honey before the first year of Old, because honey leads to botulism because it contains spores, as well as cow’s milk because it does not contain the food needed by the child.

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